A Peek Into The World Of Jelly Wrestling

People find their form of entertainment through different means. They want to have fun to such extent that they will be able to forget about their daily life struggles for that specific time period.  However, the type of adult entertainment Wollongong which a person chooses for himself varies from person to person. Some like to have a movie night out while other goes out for clubbing. Similarly some people prefer to hang out with their friends while others would like to see strip show or jelly wrestling. Jelly wrestling is a type of a wrestling which is fought between two women in bikinis who makes seductive moves while in the match. In this article, we will be discussing about everything related to jelly wrestling.

Jelly wrestling:

Wrestling is a kind of a sport in which two or people fight with each other while following some rules of the game. However, jelly wrestling Sydney is little different from any other kind of a wrestling. First of all, it is wrestled between two or more than two women and these women need to be in bikini. Moreover, it is not held in any ground or ring rather this match is held in a pool which enhances the seductive look of hot girls fighting in a bikini.  The conditions of jelly wrestling does not just end here because the pool is not filled with water rather it is filled with jelly which is a basic requirement for this game and due to this requirement, the name of jelly wrestling was given to it.

Moreover, the pool is filled with up to thirty centimeter of jelly in which girls in biking not only wrestle but makes such erotic moves which makes a man or the audience excited. 

Rules of jelly wrestling:

To play jelly wrestling, one should follow some rules of the game. One of the main rules is that in this form of wrestling, legs are not allowed to be used. Instead of legs a woman shall try to befall the other woman by striking a pressure on her shoulders. This form of rule has originated from Egyptian culture of wrestling. Besides that, the dress code must be bikini and the pool must be filled at least up to thirty centimeters.  Moreover, the pool must be filled with jelly as the name implies jelly wrestling.


There is a common misconception among people that wrestling is a game for men. But that is not the case, as women also play wrestling. However, in case of jelly wrestling, the sport is not limited to a fight rather it takes a seductive turn. This game is played in a pool that is filled with up to thirty centimeters of jelly. Moreover, the women or players of the game have to wear bikini. Audience of this sport enjoys jelly wrestling a lot. “Sex bomb” organizes the best jelly wrestling for its customers with hot wet girls fighting in bikinis.